What clients say…

Even after working with women for over 15 years, I am still humbled by their feedback. 

“You never assisted me in my transition but from a professional perspective you had me in awe about your capabilities….You inspired not only the mothers you serve but also me”

“Thank you for your support during the birth of our beautiful baby boy. You will never know exactly how much your support meant to me throughout the whole day and how much you contributed in making it a very special and memorable day” – Andre and Renetta – 1st Baby

“Thank you for making my birth experience perfect and for helping bring our little girl safely into the world” Lea and Rogan – 2nd Baby

“You made sure all my needs were met and helped me to focus when I needed to.It was as if we were in one body because you knew exactly what I wanted and when and how.Thank you so very much, you will always be a part of this experience and life-memory” Dianne – 2nd Baby

” Thank you for all your patience with me during and after the pregnancy and a great thank you for all your advice on breastfeeding” Nichola – 2nd Baby

“I really enjoyed the whole experience, we became like personal friends and that made the birth experience feel like I was sharing it with a friend. Thank you for being one of the best things that happend to me during my pregnancy and birth” Nita – 3rd Baby

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the very informative information you put on facebook. I love the links to articles, your blog and research findings….So, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me when you didn’t even realise you were.” – Candice – Pregnant with 2nd Baby


“Claire provided an excellent set of antenatal workshops in a relaxed environment and provided a breadth of knowledge and advice for the birth of our first baby. She gave us the confidence to embrace labour without any fears. I particularly enjoyed the informal nature of the classes in which the group felt comfortable to ask about matters relating to pregnancy no matter how obscure. She really did go above and beyond!” – Laura


“I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and have severe pain in my neck and shoulder recently, I had a pregnancy massage along with some extra concentration on my neck and shoulder. After I felt such relief in the pain I had been experiencing, it hasn’t completely gone but thinking this is a trapped nerve, it’s not going to disappear over night, however it definitely is better than it was. I haven’t needed to take painkillers in the quantities I was doing and my ability to move has improved significantly. I would 100% recommend this to anyone, pregnant or not xx” – Claire


“Claire has been incredible in providing the support we needed to feel confident in choosing a home birth for our first baby. Both pre-natally, and throughout my labour (despite having stepped off a plane just a few hours before!) her expertise and guidance have been amazing. I am 100% certain that having a doula alongside my husband and midwives helped my labour and birth to progress as well as it did. I would highly recommend Claire to any women who want a positive and empowering birth, but need a little extra reassurance. Also her pregnancy massages are wonderfully relaxing!” Charlie