Postpartum Care

The postpartum period is one that is often overlooked but that is so very important.  Some cultures traditionally see this period as a time where the new mother be honoured and cared for while looking after her little one.

We tend to rush off out and forget that we have grown a life inside of us, birthed that life and now expect our bodies to recover without giving them a chance to.

I offer a 5 week treatment where we start with light massage in week 1 and end at 5 weeks with an energy aligning shiatsu massage. I use abdominal massage with warm oils to help with the realigning of the bladder and other organs as well as rebozo massage to help. 

Included are a range of herbal bath infusions, homeopathy and aromatherapy as well as some handmade body oils to help you recover.

COST: £160 for the 5 week treatment.