My Journey

I began my journey of working with women well before my first child was born when I awoke one day and realised that we as women wear so many hats and often neglect to take care of ourselves as just us. I left it there and continued through my busy life as a National HR Consultant for a large international bank.
After having my first child where the birth experience for me was traumatic and resulted in my having postnatal depression, I started to look for ways to assist other women. I trained as a doula and by the time my second child was born I was actively working within private and government run hospitals in Johannesburg.
Eventually moving back to the UK I linked in with the NCT and began teaching antenatal workshops and then slowly picking up more clients as a doula. It slowly became evident that there was more support needed than just with birth preparation and birth coaching but also postnatal support and support throughout pregnancy.
Over the years I have built many new skills including pregnancy massage, breastfeeding support, coaching and wellness using essential oils. It is my passion that no woman feel alone and that she has to carry around burdens of past birth experiences or be subject to fears that are thrust upon us by society when we are expecting.
I now offer a full-spectrum of services for clients in a very relaxed and down-to-earth manner, meeting them where they are. Clients vary from birth trauma clients, one-on-one antenatal workshops, group workshops and baby care workshops. Many clients go on to be doula clients, which is a privilege. Even after all of these years my passion is to empower women at a time where they are blossoming into motherhood.
I have also since started working with families and wellness. Drawing from my own experience of having an autoimmune disease, I have turned to using more natural solutions to ailments. Seeing the impact that essential oils have on clients in labour, coaching and with newborns, I have branched out into using essential oils for my own children and own health as well as offering wellness consults. I believe that the body needs to be looked at holistically and using the most natural oils I offer clients sessions where we assess their needs and the needs of their families to provide natural and holistic remedies.