To carry a child within has to be one of life’s most amazing experiences. It is mind-blowing to know that within the depths of your body, grows a new life. It is a time to enjoy your body and to embrace the changes that occur. Women should be empowered to know all they can about how natural pregnancy and birth are and to enjoy it.

Labour is the exciting start to the journey of motherhood. It is a time when a woman’s body does one of the things it is created for, a time when you need those who care for you to surround you and support you. I would encourage women to embrace the onset of labour and to labour in a manner in which they feel comfortable, whether at home in the bath or walking around a park or even just relaxing with those closest to her. My dream labour would not be clinical but rather a time of celebration. A time where the woman prepares herself for the birth and is comfortable in doing so whilst being fully aware of what her body is going through and what it is capable of. There will be no need to rush off somewhere to “have the baby” but to savour the moment.

Birth is the ultimate feeling, and it should be a special event shared by those who support and love you. It is the meeting of your miracle, and a time to celebrate the life you nurtured and carried within. In my dream birth world, a woman will be fully able to acknowledge what she is going through and to express any pains or fears as she wishes. There will be no pre-set way to give birth but rather the woman would be encouraged to listen to her instincts and to “feel” what she needs to do next.

My dream would be to ultimately see the whole “process” of birthing become natural and led by the instincts that we are given rather than how we are told to do it. All in all, the whole childbearing process is a wondrous celebration of all that is woman. My calling is to add to this experience, making it a memorable one by providing emotional support and knowledge to the mother-to-be and partner.