1. Why should I go to antenatal classes?

Benefits include:

  • Meeting other couples in the same situation
  • Forming a support group
  • Information is received that is upto date and relevant
  • Comping skills are taught
  • Questions can be asked
  1. Do I have to give birth in a hospital?

Nope! Most women can labour and birth at home quite successfully provided that they are not in “HIGH” risk pregnancy groups

  1. Do I need a doula if I have my partner, I dont want to replace him.

A doula does not replace but rather enhances the experience, it helps to have a clear mind at the birth and it also reassures the partner.

4.This is my second baby do i need classes again?

That is upto you. It may be a great time to spend special moments focusing on the new little one and some time out for you. Plus we can always tailor make a course if you dont want the whole course again.

  1. If I have had a c/secion I cant have a normal birth can I?

You sure can! Its totally awesome what your body can do if given a chance, obviously you would be monitored but it is really something you can do.

  1. Is it safe to exercise when pregnant?

Sure is. As long as your Dr does not say otherwise, you can exercise throughout your pregnancy providing you are comfortable doing so

  1. I have terrible heartburn what can i do?
  • Eat smaller portions often
  • Remain upright after eating
  • Some try milk and it helps
  • Avoid foods that aggravate it
  • Check with your health care professional before taking any medication
  1. With all the media coverage lately, is breastfeeding really better ?

Yes, there is no argument there at all. It is tailor-made milk for your little one and there is the bonus that it is always at the right temperature and always ready.

9.Will my baby be born on its due date?

Not necessarily, due dates are purely an estimate and used for guidance rather than the rule. Your baby will come when it is meant to….on its time

10.Can i eat and drink during labour?

Of course you can. You may not want to eat heavy meals and rather little and often. Drinking is a MUST for you to keep hydrated and ready for your little one.