And breathe…

So 2020 has been a rather weird year for us all. What started out as a busy year with pregnancy massages, essential oil workshops and antenatal classes turned into a major Zoom fest! I have been meaning to start up my blog posts for some time now but due to the current climate I ended up taking some time off to refocus and look after me!

As I sit writing this I am reflecting on the year so far and how COVID-19 has changed the birthing world and to be honest, not in a good way. Mothers-to-be have had to attend antenatal check-ups and scans alone, some have laboured on their own until the very last moment and new Dads have had to leave their new little families overnight in hospitals. All of this is really not conducive to a calm and idea birth environment and it has got me thinking about ways to help doula from a distance or at least help Mums and couples to feel supported no matter where they are or who is with them. This is the intro in what will be a 3 part series of blog posts so do check back.

They say that knowledge is power and it most certainly is. The first thing to do is to arm yourself with knowledge. Know your options, know your rights and know what you want. I will be spending some time on this topic in other blog posts but finding someone, be it a doula online like myself, online classes or one-on-one classes, who can empower you and guide you through the options available.

Secondly, oil up! Essential oils are amazing and something that you can use in pregnancy, labour and beyond. I have used oils in my 15 years as a doula and am still amazed at the support that they provide. There is a saying that my kids make fun of me for and that is “There is an oil for that!” It is true, essential oils are what nature has given to us and they are pure and wonderfully magical. (I do need to add here that when I speak about essential oils I am speaking of doTERRA oils as they are what I use and trust and I know they are Certified Pure Theraputic Grade oils – no fillers or chemicals added). I could go on and on about oils but I would like to invite you to check back as we delve into this and how they can support you in labour.

Finally, get your birth vision board up and running! Include your other half, kids or support person. It really is special to see what you envision your birth looking like. I always get clients to work on these and they love it as it brings a birth plan to life!

So while this world may be an uncertain place and I hear from expectant Mammas that they  are not always getting the support that is needed, remember that there is much you can do to support yourself. 

Check back later this week for the next installment of this blog series where I will be looking at birth options and knowledge.

Much Love