A mother of 2 with a passion for birth and pregnancy, and a desire to empower women to make informed choices. Claire qualified  as a doula in 2007 and ran her own doula practice for 2 years before moving back home to the UK and settling in Cheshire.

She has studied lactation management as well as perinatal education modules such as HIV/Aids and Pregnancy, Newborn care and Kangaroo Mother Care and holds a diploma in pregnancy massage. Having completed a Diploma of Higher Education in Adult Education – Antenatal Education at the University of Bedfordshire, as well as teaching her own one-on-one and small group antenatal workshops Claire has taught classes for the NCT and was a Live Guru ‘expert’. She has a passion for all things birth and has been featured in magazines, on radio and even on a Sky Living TV show.

” I have a dream to reach every mother-to-be, whether via internet or in person, and to share with them that pregnancy, birth and labour are not unnatural and that it is a perfectly normal time in their lives. Part of my dream is to treat each mother as the unique woman that she is, and to walk with her, besides her, on this wonderful journey that she is on. “